What is Alpha?


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How Will it Work?

Each meeting will include an informal meal/ refreshments, watching a video together and taking part in a small group discussion. The session will last approximately two hours. The first Alpha for adults ran in Holy Rood during the Autumn 2016 and we plan to run it again after Easter 2017. In the mean time, we are offering Alpha Youth as part of our offer to confirmation candidates. Alpha Youth follows the same format to Alpha – but with the DVD presentations made by young adults.

The theme for each of the sessions is as follows:

Session 1        Is There More to Life Than This?

Session 2        Who is Jesus?

Session 3        Why Did Jesus Die?

Session 4        How Can I Have Faith?

Session 5        Why and How Should I Pray?

Session 6        Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

Session 7        How Does God Guide Us?

Weekend         The Holy Spirit (more details at the start of the course)

Session 8        How Can I Resist Evil?

Session 9        Why and How Should I Tell Others?

Session 10      Does God Heal Today?

Session 11      What About the Church?

For more information on Alpha please follow this link: www.alpha.org.

If this sounds like something that would interest you then please click here to register if you have an email address, otherwise please contact the Parish Office on (01793) 522062.