Confirmation Programme

The purpose of this mini-site is to give you an idea of the options available within the Confirmation Programme.  Please feel free to look through these pages to get a flavour of what is being offered.

  • Chosen – video input and teaching, quizzes and discussion in small groups.
  • Alpha Youth – refreshments, video input and discussion in small groups .
  • Rise Retreat – a one day retreat facilitated by Rise Theatre.
  • Fanning the Flame – a four day retreat hosted by the Dominican sisters.
  • Flame Catholic Youth Congress – a one day gathering and celebration.
  • White Rabbit – if you attended this event on the 18th November it will count towards your credit.
  • Service in the Church / Community – if you are already serving or would like to serve.
  • Sport – there will be a chance to play some sport once a term.

All the group 1 activities will take place in small groups of 8 young people hosted by 2 adult leaders. Each session will begin with some warm up games and ice-breakers with the whole group, then move into small groups for presentation, DVD material and activities and discussion.  Come just as you are, wherever you feel you are in your faith life at this point in time. Doubts and questions welcome!

Select at least 1 Option from each group.

Each candidate will be asked to select at least one option from Group 1 and Group 2 and as many options from Group 3 as they want.

Parental Consent Form

If you haven’t already filled in and submitted a Parental Consent form, download a version from here, by clicking on the link below.  Print it out, fill it in and bring it with you on Feb 16th.