Confirmation 2019 – enrolment

Confirmation 2019 is set to go!

Registration is now open online for the 2019 Confirmation Programme. The dates for the Confirmation Masses next year are Thursday 4th July and Tuesday 9th July, and the weekly sessions begin after Easter. However, it all starts before that with a pre-confirmation information / introductory session on the weekend of 9th/10th March. Once registered you will receive all relevant information of dates, etc, via email. The provisional calendar can also be found by clicking here.

The enrolment form below is for prospective candidates to complete please – we expect our Young People to take responsibility for their journey towards confirmation and it starts here! Primary contact details for information regarding the programme, should therefore be the Young Person’s contact details. Parents’ contact details will be required also for emails throughout the programme, and for emergency contacts during the sessions and other events.

Due to the content of the course and so that candidates can get the most from the programme, we recommend that Young People register at age 14 / Year 9, or older.

Enrolment Process

Step 1 – complete the registration form below.

Step 2 – once you have completed this form to register on the programme, please go back to the menu, choose ‘Confirmation 2019 – register your baptism details’ and enter all the required information from your baptism certificate.

Step 3 – finally, please follow the link ‘Your letter’ on the menu. There you will find instructions for writing a letter to the Youth Ministry Team – the letter takes the form of an answer to a question and there are two question options for you to choose from.

Looking forward to meeting you – see you soon!

Holy Rood Youth Ministry Team

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Online registration form for Confirmation 2019

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Looking ahead to the Confirmation Mass how many people do you think will be in your party? Maximum number of seats to reserve is 12.