Prayer of the Church – Divine Office

  • Wednesday evening prayer at 5.20pm and Saturday morning prayer after 8am Mass

All are welcome to Prayer of the Church (Divine Office) which takes place in front of the Blessed Sacrament altar and is led by the celebrant of the Mass or a lay person.

Format: Normally the leader sits on the left facing the altar and that is the first choir.  The leader says antiphon before psalms, and all say the antiphon after the psalm. The reading is done by another person who usually leaves a small pause for reflection. The first intercession is said by the leader, others by other members of the congregation. 

The parish owns some small red books of Morning and Evening prayer. Other participants bring their own. A5 sheets are provided to supplement this for big feasts or special seasons of the year. to supplement this giving hymns, antiphons, reading, short responsory, intercessions.

  • Holy Thursday: night prayer is said before the Altar of repose at 11pm.
  • Holy Saturday office of Readings and Morning Prayer

These offices are celebrated in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel before the empty tabernacle. Chairs are arranged in two choirs facing one another and books are provided.